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Prime Bunny Planet

About us

Prime Bunny Planet is a collection of 9999 3D realistic avatars that are anticipated to be integratable into multiple metaverse platforms. The Prime Bunny Planet collection has been designed by our top-of-the-line rendering team that has been responsible for the rendering behind many products you probably use in the world today.

The creators behind the Prime Bunny Planet believe that combining exceptional quality art with legitimate utility is the blueprint for a flourishing community

Prime Bunny Planet

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The Prime Bunny Planet Team is building a collection of unique 3D avatars that function as the foundations of a flourishing community. Each bunny will be completely unique and contain one of a kind attributes with detail that few projects can compete with.

The Prime Bunny Planet is an NFT that combines extraordinary rendering and creativity with valuable utility. So come join the Prime Bunny Planet community, early bunnies will be rewarded handsomely.

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Exceptional Rendering Quality

High quality rendering means that Prime Bunnies are equipped to be used in movies, games, the metaverse and even facetime.

3d Models

Holders of the NFT will have access to their Prime Bunny fdx files, providing them with complete control over their digital property.
With this file, you will be able to construct animations of your own Prime Bunny

Instagram Filters

Prime Bunny Planet is planning to build its own augmented reality filters. AR effects provide endless possibilities for holders to interact with their NFT like never seen before.

Mint pass

The NFT acts as a mint pass for future drops meaning holders of the Prime Bunny Planet NFT have early access to future collections.

Land in the metaverse

Prime Bunny Planet anticipates acquiring land in the metaverse creating a virtual member space for holders to hang out together as their unique bunny avatars. Our metaverse space is intended to function as the Prime Bunny Planet Headquarters that NFT holders can have access to. Also, NFT holders can have digital access to important events such as upcoming NFT conferences as well as being able to enjoy our digital clubhouse where Prime Bunnies can hang out and partake in fun games.

Real Life Member Space

The Prime Bunny Planet real life member space is planned to provide unique experiences for members. These experiences can range from parties with headlining DJs to network events with celebrity guests. Prime Bunny Planet NFT holders are predicted to enjoy the member space both physically as well as virtually. Get excited for our Prime Bunny Planet Headquarters.


Prime Bunny holders are eligible to take part in regular giveaways, raffles, quizzes, trivia nights and all sorts of fun initiatives that reward members of the Prime Bunny Planet. Rewards might range from influencer party invitations to free NFTs, crypto and more.

Community Wallet

Prime Bunny Planet plans to create a Community Wallet with the intention of redistributing 50% of the Royalty Fee income back into the Prime Bunny Planet Community Wallet.
The community will use the demand for secondary transactions to its advantage and NFT holders can vote on a variety of alternatives for what they wish to do with their community funds

Prime BunnY Planet

The Master Plan


the art is everything

Shortly after sell out, you will be greeted by your unique Prime Bunny that pioneers in technology allowing you to integrate and interact with your NFT like never before. It was of utmost importance to team up with digital artists that are capable of delivering a combination of quality rendering and creative artistic leadership.

Measures have been taken to ensure the quality of all 9999 NFTs are at a standard challenging the most successful NFT projects in the space


PRime Bunny Minting

The distribution period is set to embark in March 2022 with our highly anticipated white list release of 999 NFTs at 180 MATIC (0.1 ETH).

After the white list there will be 4 selling stages of 1’999 NFTs each, followed by 999 NFTs and finally 5 NFTs, prices to be determined.

The Prime Bunnies will be minted in their anonymous form. Only when the whitelist sells out will the Prime Bunnies be unveiled in all their glory.
All Prime Bunnies will be revealed in full beauty after four weeks of minting.

To increase anticipation, a select few legendary bunnies will be scattered across all the selling stages.
The Prime Bunny Planet NFT’s can only be minted on our own official website:

After minting, Prime Bunnies will be available for secondary transactions on OpenSea



Raffles, Quizzes and fun initiatives

The Prime Bunny Planet team believes it is important to give back to the community that is largely responsible for our success.

Prime Bunny holders are eligible to take part in regular giveaways, raffles, quizzes, trivia nights and all sorts of fun initiatives that reward members of the Prime Bunny Planet.

Rewards might range from influencer party invitations to free NFTs, crypto and more.
Holders of the Prime Bunny Planet NFTs are eligible to be automatically entered in these fun initiatives


Celebration day – Giving back to the bunnies

As a way to celebrate, we have made it our duty to leave the world in a better place than we found it. We will be giving back to the bunny species to commemorate the revelation of the Prime Bunny Planet NFTs. Once the collection sells out, Prime Bunny Planet pledges to donate $50,000 to the House of Rabbit Society ( An organisation that protects and nurtures bunnies.

These resources will be utilised to protect and improve the bunnies’ natural

“We, the bunnies, are in desperate need because of a hostile environment dominated by hunters and industrialists.”



Prime Bunny Planet Experience

When the event sells out, a select number of members of the Prime Bunny Planet Community are planned to be offered the unique opportunity to experience the most exclusive influencer & celebrity event organized by one of the leading agencies in this field.

Leading influencers, models and headlining DJs will be present.

The winners will benefit from a once-in-a-lifetime experience that includes partying and networking with some of the most influential people on the planet.
Combining real-life experiences with digital ownership will provide the Prime Bunny Planet Community with benefits that few NFT projects can match.


Prime Bunny Planet Ready for metaverse

Rest assured that purchasing a Prime Bunny will create far more utility than a profile picture.
All Prime Bunny Planet collectibles are anticipated to be fully functional in the Metaverse.

You may use your Prime Bunny in games, movies, or as your 3D avatar in the metaverse.
The excellent detail in design means that your NFT is planned to be fully deployable on multiple platforms without compromising its quality. Members of the Prime Bunny Planet Community get to enjoy the unique capabilities that are a result of the excellent renderings provided by our industry leading artists.

Additionally, we plan to buy land in the metaverse to build our digital member space that only holders will have access to



Real Life Member Space

When the Prime Bunny Planet Community is firmly established, holders of the NFT are planned to be eligible to receive exclusive access to our real life member space.

This location can be used to provide unique experiences to members.
These experiences can range from parties with headlining DJs to NFT conferences with celebrity guest speakers.

In order for members to take full advantage of the member space, the Prime Bunny NFT headquarters will be able to be enjoyed physically and virtually.

Get excited for our Prime Bunny Planet Headquarters


Legendary Bunnies

Any great art collection has a few centrepieces. Prime Bunny Planet will not deviate from that heritage.

The team meticulously developed each individual one of the 9999 Bunnies.
However, with the Legendary Bunnies, the design team let their imagination run wild.

Legendary Bunnies are hand drawn;
culturally significant avatars that leave collectors speechless. Legendary Bunnies are anticipated to create a snowball effect sending prices to the moon.

A select few Legendary Bunnies will be scattered across all the selling stages.
The final stage of release will solely consist of Legendary Bunnies


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Do Prime Bunnies have any Utility?

  1. Exceptional Rendering Quality
  2. 3D Models
  3. Instagram Filters
  4. Mint Pass
  5. Land in the Metaverse
  6. Real Life Member Space
  7. Giveaways
  8. Community Wallet

The Prime Bunny Planet utilities are explained in detail on our official website and white-paper.

When will the official Prime Bunny Planet launch take place?

The official Prime Bunny Planet launch date is yet to be announced. The plan is to unveil the Prime Bunny Planet by March, 2022. Further updates will be revealed to the exclusive Discord community.

How can I join Prime Bunny Planet?

Join our Discord Community and compete for a White List spot. We still have spots left, but they will be filled by early supporters of the project who are ready to mint.

What is the maximum mint per wallet?

Prime Bunny Planet community members are allowed to mint up to 3 NFT’s

How many Prime Bunnies are set to take over the Metaverse?

A total of 9999 Prime Bunnies will be taking over the prime bunny planet. These will be spaced out over numerous drops. The whitelist drop consists of 999 Prime Bunnies. 

When will I be able to see my NFT?

Once the whitelist drop has been sold out or after the release phase passes, all Prime Bunnies will be made visible to their owners and to the world.

What Blockchain is the project hosted on?

Prime Bunny Planet is stored on the Polygon Blockhain.

Who is the team behind Prime Bunny Planet?

Our diverse team is clearly outlined and explained in our white-paper. We encourage all Prime Bunny Planet members to read through this thoroughly. 


Once you’re ready to embark on this journey to secure your own piece of iconic digital art, head over to the Official Discord channel. If you’re reading this before the launch, you’ll still have a chance to get your hands on a rare Prime Bunny.










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